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Where Functionality Meets Art



Nicole is a multimedia artist and has been creating various items out of different materials most of her life. She has taken many classes and workshops from various institutions to enhance and improve her artistic process. Nicole met her fabulous husband in 2014. He was retiring from the Air Force after doing 19 years of service. Together they created a way to give back to the community. A portion of the profits are donated to various agencies who pay it forward for others. 

Nicole is influenced by historical pottery, the environment, the nature of my Beachy habitat, and the wealth of art we come in contact with from around the world. 


In order to help distinguish between my art and the spazzleapples mission I created Just Nicole to showcase and sell my finer things. I can create specific pieces that may not meet my spazzleapples mission. For example, Raku pottery pieces are not food safe but are so lovely and fun. Just Nicole embodies new designs, artist sculptures and any of my other doodlely delights everyone has come to love and request. So if you see Just Nicole or Spazzleapples know they are made by me. Spazzleapples is designed for commercial spaces and their fun quirky designs can be produced on a small batch production potters scale. Just Nicole is labor intensive and my masterpieces of delight.



Spazzleapples is where functionality and art meet.

 I designed spazzleapples to be affordable functional art.

We want everyone to have access to fun reusable ceramic pieces. 

We want every piece to put a smile on your face and be reusable.

How did I come up with the name spazzleapples? Well, it describes me. I am a spazz, shaped like an apple and the “s” on the end represents all the wonderful creations I make out of clay. 

Functional artistic pottery is my passion and my husband helps keep this business running like a mermaid’s dream. 

A portion of our profits are donated to other none profits and agencies paving it forward for others.


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