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Raku Firing:

Raku firing is a process where ceramic pieces are fired quickly by opening up the kiln at peek temperature , transferring the items to another vessel for a reduction process then dousing them in water. It’s fast, hot and a bit dangerous. So the stress of this process can destroy a lot of delicate pieces but also create some magnificent effects. At this time, all Raku pieces are done in a community studio kiln.

Reduction High Firing:

Reduction high firing is done with a larger kiln firing pieces to cone 10. This process allows for a special reduction in the atmosphere to create unique glaze effects. Due to the size and expense of this process, all Reduction high fired pieces are done in a community studio kiln. 

Electric Kiln firing:

Electric kiln firing is what I call my standard firing. However, nothing is really standard in pottery methods. These firing methods range from 016-7 cone firings. I use my home studio kiln and occasionally the community studio kiln to create spazzleapples wares and other various doodle delights.

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Different processes are used for different methods and effect’s . It takes an average of 6-10 weeks for every piece to get through each step. Depending on the items size, style and needs it can take months to finish one sculpture. Most pieces are fired 2 times. However, overglaze or multiple underglaze details might take more. Pottery is an endless pool of methods, knowledge and changes. When creating a piece with clay you are working with minerals, fire and elements. Therefore , we like to say their is an uncontrolled element called the “fire gods”. You never know what you are going to get. 

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That’s right I make custom clay straws! Suck it came about before the pandemic. What doesn’t go in front of sucks?

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Agateware is  the process of mixing different kinds of clay to give it a marbled rock look.Every piece is one of kind and can not be duplicated .