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Frequently Asked Questions

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Details about ceramic straws

All straws are handmade! Really!

YES they really work!                            I frequently make custom straws for businesses, special occasions and holidays.

They are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

They can be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher.

The curly straws are glazed inside and out. However, due to the shape I recommend sanitizing this style by dropping them into boiling water as part of your cleaning practices. I can not guarantee that the curly straws have glaze throughout the inside. The bend in the straw makes it challenging when glazing.

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Returns, Exchanges and Shipping

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I cannot accept returns on consumable/used items. Items that are consumable are: straws, mugs and anything else that is put in your mouth or used with food. This is a hygiene policy. If you are questioning weather or not an item is returnable please message me before purchase. Most ceramic pieces are not returnable due to safety and hygiene reasons. 


In addition, We will not reimburse or pay for any return shipping costs. Return amounts will be on the item price only. 

However, I do offer free shipping on some items! Therefore any order meeting that criteria doesn’t pay the initial shipping costs:) If you meet that criteria and need to return the item you will pay the return shipping costs but get a full refund of the purchasing price since you didn’t pay shipping. 

I use UPS or FedX.

Please contact me with any questions or problems. 


All ceramic dinnerware pieces are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe unless marked or expressed to you.


All Raku pieces are NOT food safe. 

Pieces with gold and/or iridescence overglaze should follow the provided cleaning information.


All none food safe pieces should be cared for by their intended purpose. For example a paper cookbook should not get wet nor should jewelry be placed in the dishwasher. Both items should be cleaned by gently wiping them off with a dry cloth...


Maintance and cleaning

The “must be said” business rules:

All pictures are the property of Spazzleapples and can not be used without written permission. However, if you are selling spazzleapples products please take pictures and use them to promote your store and/or products. At no time should images of Spazzleapples creations be used to sell or promote another potter creating my designs and/or another artist work.  Designs and images are spazzleapples.

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